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To Lilly,
I noticed the Mason name in your message. My Mason's were originally spelled
Meason. They were from Fredrick co, VA and Westmoreland co, PA.
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> Dear Mr. Harris and others,
> Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. From this diary
> now understand more. For example, I now suppose that the area called
> Roseland, Nelson Co VA and the area called Rose Mills, Nelson Co VA is
> in connection with this Rev. Robert Rose, or his family line. Is that
> right? I don't have any ROSE in my family in VA, but in Robertson Co TN
> ancestor was Rueben Rose who married Martha Mason, their ancestry may go
> back to VA, I don't know yet.
> In the 1860 census there are 3 Campbell households at Rose Mills, Nelson
> VA which 'might' be my ancestor and her son and brother, but I can not
> confirm this yet, no proof. From 1750, when the Rev. Rose was writing,
> 1860 is 110 years, so I don't think the Campbell families living there in
> 1860 census have any tie to that location back to 1750, they must have at
> some point bought that land, etc. Those houses were: John H. Campbell
> Henry), Catherine Campbell(d/o Henry and widow of Cornelius), and William
> Campbell,(s/o Cornelius) married to Martha Mays.
> I believe the identification of John and Catherine is correct, but I need
> proof of who this William is, the name is common, and he could be sevearl
> different men.
> Concerning the CAMPBELL names that Rev. Rose speaks in 1750: none of them
> are related to George Campbell and Margaret. In 1750 George Campbell and
> Margaret were still located in Albemarle Co VA and having children there
> that time frame. George Campbell died in 1777 in Amherst Co VA, so that
> would mean he came into the area after 1750, probably in the 1760's time
> frame.
> I would have thought perhaps Neil Campbell would have been mentioned, but
> perhaps he came into the area just after 1750 as well, he died in Amherst
> 1777, the same year as George Campbell, mentioned above. Neil had no
> just one daughter who was born outof wedlock, named Elizabeth Ballor,
> daughter of Tabitha Ballor, d/o Leonard Ballor. Elizabeth, d/o Neil
> Campbell, married first to Thomas Barret, he died, and she next married to
> HUGH Campbell of Amherst Co., they married 11-9-1794 Amherst Co VA.
> Neil Campbell died and left most of his estate to his daughter Elizabeth,
> and when she married Hugh Campbell, that estate would then legally be in
> hands of Hugh Campbell. So Neil Campbell's estate of 949 acres of Amherst
> Co land, eventually passed into the legal possesion of Hugh Campbell of
> Amherst Co VA.
> Which makes us wonder, was Neil Campbell perhaps related to Hugh Campbell,
> perhaps as Uncle and Nephew? I have no clue as to that relaitionship. In
> 1813 Hugh Campbell sold 1712 acres, most of it on the Buffaloe River, and
> Hugh and Elizabeth moved to TN.
> In 1800 Hugh Campbell had bought 155 acres on Brown Mt. Creek, North side
> Cold Mt. All of this located in Amherst Co VA. Did Hugh Campbell have
> children? Has anyone found him in TN? If he had children with Elizabeth,
> they would be Campbell from both sides.
> Was the Capt. Hugh Campbell mentioned by Rev. Rose in 1750 the FATHER of
> Hugh Campbell? Neil Campbell was from Scotland, that is supported by the
> fact in his will he left some provision to his sister living at East Mill,
> near Perth, Scotland (Mrs. Catherine Brugh/Brough) Perhaps Capt. Hugh
> Campbell was also from Scotland?
> This record of 1750 apparently Pre-Dates the following Campbell ancestors:
> 1. George and Margaret
> 2. George and Caty
> 3. Francis and Isabelle
> 4. John and Amelia
> 5. James and Mary
> 6. Henry and Charity
> 7. Lawrence and Henrietta
> Please note Mr. John Harvie is mentioned: I 'think' that is my ancestor.
> Here is the Harvie line, which later married into my Campbell and Thompson
> ancestral lines:
> #1. John Harvie b. 1680 Garunnock, Sterlingshire, Scotland
> He died 10-13-1730 in Virginia
> He married Margaret Kay b. 1684 same location as he.
> #2. John Harvie, Jr.
> I think this is the man refered to in the 1750 notes by Rev. Rose.
> I don't have a wife noted for him.
> #3. Richard Harvie
> Married Mary Wood, d/o Josiah Wood and Patience, who was
> Native American (Monacan??)
> #4. James Harvie
> #5. Elizabeth V. Harvie
> Married James Thompson, III.
> #6. Behethland Thompson
> Married Edward Stephen Campbell
> #7. Nancy Jane Campbell
> Married Henry W. Campbell, s/o George T. Campbell b. 1824
> #8. Susie Jane Campbell b. 1892 Texas d. 1938 Lawton, OK
> She is my great grandma.
> Please Note: this Harvie ancestry comes to me from Mr. A. T. Powell, Jr.
> comes from the brother of James Harvie, who is Thomas Harvie married to
> Elizabeth Seay.
> Best regards,
> Lilly Martin
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> > Just reviewed a portion of a diary of the Rev. Robert Rose recorded
> during the period 1745-1751 when the reverend was living on Hatt Creek,
> an area now identified as Roseland, of what is now Nelson County.
> >
> >
> > In the index, he identifies or list 9 Campbell's -of those 9, four were
> women (Hannah, Jane, Margaret and Rebecca. Of the 5 men, one was
> Capt Hugh Campbell, two were preachers or Reverend's Archibald and Isaac,
> and then there were Daniel and Alexander.
> >
> > Extract of 10 days of his diary between 20 and 30 June 1750.
> >
> > 20 - Very hot weather, buise in looking for cooperes, carpenters, &
> cutters all this day.
> > 21 - Hot, yet a brisk air, at night blowd hard with a very little rain
> > 22 - The weather cooler stayed home all day
> > 23 - Warm weather - rode according to desires as far as Horseley's Cove,
> plantation of Col. Lomax's to visit Edmund Marian, said to be very sick
> found him gone off about his business, so got home about one, dry weather,
> catched a good many fish among our twelve Rocks
> > 24 - At home, read prayers and a sermon, very hot weather and dry -
> > 25 - Extreme hot, rode to Mr. Anthony's, dined & returned home at night
> > 26 - A very hot morning, rode to Rose Isle and to Hatt Creek mill and
> home about 5pm, very hot, great complaints of tobacco not standing. Jon
> Mayfield came to work about 1 & 2pm
> > 27 - A foggy morning, very hot, about noon a small shower with much
> thunder and wind in ye afternoon. this evening my watermen got home
> safely carried down fifty & two bundles of tobacco, 29 of which are mine,
> two Mr. Bengers, 6 R. Powels, 9 Edward Spencers, 3 Timo O Brian, 1 Thomas
> Jones, one Mr. Goodwins,one Wm Oglesby's.
> > 28 - Cloudy and showers all this day - could not reap
> > 29 - Cloudy all morning left home with Mr. John Harvie and went to Col.
> Frys at night.
> > 30 - Rode to Hickmans Chappel, preached and dine with Mr. Charles Lewis
> Buck Island, an d then went to Mr. J Smiths.
> >
> > Typical preacher - going some where for a meal. This is not a typical
> period as he normally preached about everywhere he went as well as
> children. Apparently, our Campbell's had either not arrived in Amherst
> County yet or were in another area of the county where The Reverend Rose
> not travel. This document is available from Museum in Amherst Court
> BH
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