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From: khs <>
Subject: Christmas Party
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 17:05:55 -0800

Wonderful idea! I've always wondered why it seems those are found in
Ontario and no where else, and I never miss my chance when I'm in Sarnia,
or at the other end of the province, in Kenora.
Karen in Abbotsford BC

>Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 07:26:44 -0800
>From: Marilyn & Leo Phelps <>
>Message-ID: <>
>Subject: Re: 2nd Annual Cornish-L Virtual Christmas Party - Update 3
>Hi John and all:
>I've been reading and wading thru the messages, enjoying and getting
>hungry. I was waiting to see what everyone else was bringing before I
>made my decision. I have yet to see any Stargazy Pie.....and not many
>Pasties. However, their were some Yabbies and so, at John O.'s
>suggestion, I think I will ask John to swoop down into Southern Ontario
>to the Market Square of my hometown and pick up the entire CHIP WAGON
>complete with helpers, malt vinigar and salt and take it with us, so we
>have some chips to go with our fish. John, can MMMCooper handle this???
>Marilyn Miners Phelps

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