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From: Evelyn Adams <>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 18:44:42 -0800


THANK YOU for saying what I have been thinking!

> Message to Barbara Glass.
> Barbara I started to read your letter with interest and then with utter
>amazement. Do you realise that the very people talking all "this drivel"
>are the very ones that you are relying on to hand you information about
>your ancestors ON A PLATE.

I haven't been on this list very long but have really enjoyed the banter
and nonsense that is taking place - after all, it is nearly Christmas.
I think this is a great list - one of the best - and I am sure that
most of the members are really enjoying the chatter and humour that is
being shown.

For some of us, due to absence of families and other reasons, it is
making palatable what would otherwise be a lonely and miserable time.
Please don't deny us the chance to have a bit of fun.
> Merry Christmas
> Tammy

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