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From: Cynthia Zieber <>
Subject: Christmas party
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 20:20:29 -0800

David Wares CIP wrote:
>I'll bring a platypus choir, which I'll have to hide in the boot (aka
>trunk in USA) of the Holden 48-215 (the car known as Australia's first local

In that case my son Fred and his wife Victoria Zieber will probably want to
attend, Fred is fastinated by the "Corns" and particularly the thread about
the platypus choir. They both play the clarinet and Fred makes a good pecan
pie. They can ride with us in the sleigh with the boomers or Santa's Sleigh
(whichever is most convenient) and be picked up from the Golden Gate Bridge
in San Francisco with us. Victoria is a music teacher and can help Blanche
with the musical organization.

>ZICHER Cynthia...................RSVP.............
is (I believe) me (after my name suffered in translation), so should be

Also I had the same problem as is mentioned below.
>Hi, All, and Joanne in particular,
>I've received notice that ten of the messages I sent to Joanne tonight
>have failed.

I tried to include the information that you need above.

Regards to all,
Looking forward to the party!

Cynthia Zieber in COLD Santa Rosa, California

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