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From: Joanne <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Party
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 09:18:57 -0800

Dear Alison
I thought LISTMOM had kept the peace here by providing the CORNISH-GEN-L
for those who didn't want to join the party. I really don't see why
there's any need for anyone to complain about the party messages anymore.
You could subscribe to that list, which is nice and quiet, and come back
here when the party is over, if the partygoers are causing you upset.
It's a busy time of year for all of us. We all have lots to do in the
home, and aren't able to collect our thoughts and efforts on researching
a new line etc., This party is a way of keeping in touch with all our
friends on the list over the Christmas season without having to
concentrate too hard on the family history.
Genealogy has been my passion for over 15 years now, but it takes
it's place alongside my other passion for friendship and unity throughout
this world of ours.
Don't you think it's nice to shake off the dust from all those parish
registers and old documents, and take a break?
We're all, every single one of us, mad keen on pursuing our family
history, otherwise we wouldn't be here in the first place, and the
stories of Christmas past, and recipes handed down through the
generations, are the kind of things which clothe the skeletons of our
ancestors, far more interesting to the grandchildren than a long list of
names and dates.
Have you stopped to think that even this virtual party will be of
historical interest to those that come after us, and we should make sure
it's recorded in 'my notes on me' by pasting excerpts from every party
message. Our descendants will be just as enthralled by this, as we are of
discovering what our ancestors lives were like.
I think you will lose out by unsubscribing and would like you to stay.
Your friend Jo

> Dear Friends
> At the risk of being deemed another party pooper, I am afraid I must also
> unsubscribe, or at least go over to the quiet and serious list.
> Although I was looking forward to the party, and had heard what a brilliant
> time you all had last year, now that it comes to the practicalities, I am
> struggling with the volume of e-mail. I am also spending eight or nine hours
> a day at the computer at work (not good, and probably in contravention of a
> lot of things, which considering I work for a health and safety consultant
> just about sums things up) and don't think it is doing my shoulders and eyes
> any good parking myself in front of the computer at home for a couple of hours
> every evening.
> I have already been away from the list for about three weeks due to computer
> problems, which are now, thankfully, sorted out (and just as well, because I
> had so little space on my hard drive that it was crashing under the weight of
> the e-mails I was receiving before the party arrangements were being made) but
> I re-subscribed because I didn't want to miss out on any fun.
> So, friends, please don't be hurt or offended by my departure, and my apparent
> unwillingness to join in the festivities, it's just down to practicalities.
> If only the party was real, and life was virtual and I had to do virtual
> decorating, virtual shopping, virtual cooking, virtual housework, and I had a
> virtual job and a virtual complicated probate application to make, all I would
> need time for would be the Christmas party and family history. Life would be
> great. Book me in for the party in 2028 because I will just have retired by
> then!! In fact, I'll organise that one.
> Wishing you all the compliments of the season (that's the politically correct
> way of wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I believe), a very happy and
> fun party (which I can see it will be) and a happy, healthy and successful New
> Year.
> Oh yes, and in Cornish:
> Nadelek Lowen ha Blydhen Nowyth Da (pronounced as it is written except Low-
> en, Blith-en and No-with - Christmas Happy and Year New Good)
> With lots of love
> Alison in Truro

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