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From: Kay Hinnrichsen <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Party
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 20:56:23 +0800


I think the party starts when we get there! But The Aussie contingent can
start early if you like!
We can do the big pick up in Oz then head back to your place and we'll ALL
go to the party you are going to, while the boomers fill up on some nice
GREEN grass [at Kadina? at this time of the year? I must be joking!!
Nawwww!! It will be virtual green grass!!!] And they can get to know
the labs and horses while we are partying - NO Swanky for them though.
Last year they were legless!!! They can have some once in Cornwall!
Then we can load you and Jan onto the 'boomer carriage' and be up up and
away!!!! WITH the pasties too of course!


>What time does this party start ? In Cornwall .... in Australia
>I have a party Saturday night here in South Australia and may have
>"double booked ".
>Also had thought of bringing of my horses so that they don't feel
>left out - does VHS work in Cornwall ? Is it the same system ?
>Right now Mrs Champ is getting the vegetables and dripping ready , so
>that she can start chopping Thursday for the pasty baking day on
>Friday . ( and Mr Champ is out chopping the firewood ready for the
>wood oven ).
>Let me know what time the party starts as the pasties are best fresh
>from the oven.....
>Bye, Jane
>PS Kay - what will the white boomers need to eat ? Do you want to
>pick up some hay on the way over ?
Kay Hinnrichsen
from Mandurah in Western Australia
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