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From: John Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Party
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 11:29:55 -0700

Hi, Sarah,

Of course Jane is welcome, and I've added her to my list of those to be
picked up. Be patient. It's only 11:19 A.M. on the 17th here in
Arizona, and the party can't start until the 18th in Cornwall. Since
the MMMC travels at lightspeed, there will be no actual delays, except
perhaps to load passengers at the various stops. Virtual delays on the
other hand, will abound, so that we can enjoy various sights on the way,
and partake of the in-flight entertainment, etc. <G> Not to worry
about the ice holding you to the tower, we'll pack the blow torches.
<GG> If you come free before we move to a position to catch
you.....just be patient. We move at lightspeed, so we'll get to you
before you hit anything. <VBG> We've rigged a trampoline so that it
can be extended from the trunk (boot for those of British persuasion) by
remote control. There's a big yellow "X" in the middle, so you can't
miss it. I figure your bouncing can entertain the passengers while we
go down to pick up those sensible folks who chose to wait on the ground
by the tower. <Enourmous Grin> Be sure to glue that slinky dress down
where it counts, or the passengers might mutiny in favor of just
watching you bounce instead of attending the party.

See you tomorrow.


Sarah Murtagh wrote:
> Is it too late to add someone to the guest list? I'd like to bring along
> a very good friend, Jane Hauser. She'll join us atop the CN tower
> waiting for John in his MMMC - Jane will bring along her wonderful sense
> of humour - she LOVES a good party! John - you will be able to recognize
> me - I'll be the one clinging to the top of the tower, wearing a
> blindfold! I'm deathly afraid of heights, so please, please don't be long
> - its supposed to snow here and its getting really cold out now! I might
> also be disguised as the icicle with grey hair.... (prematurely grey of
> course!)..... I know its going to shock my sons but I've decided to wear
> a low, cut slinky "thing" - afterall husband's staying at home! -
> Someone has to make sure all the Christmas mail is delivered!
> John, you might have to chip off a bit of ice to free me from the top of
> the tower - so bring along a chisel or two!
> See you soon!
> Sarah Murtagh
> London, Ontario

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