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From: Peter Chellew <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Party
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 17:17:40 -0500

Oh, John, I'm worried!!! The other tower (I think) is in Toronto, not
Calgary! That's a difference of a couple of thousand miles! Please, please,
please don't miss those of us chickens who are waiting on the ground by the CN
Tower -- in Toronto, in Ontario -- not to be confused with towers in Calgary!


John Zimmerman wrote:

> Hi, Sarah,
> Of course Jane is welcome, and I've added her to my list of those to be
> picked up. Be patient. It's only 11:19 A.M. on the 17th here in
> Arizona, and the party can't start until the 18th in Cornwall. Since
> the MMMC travels at lightspeed, there will be no actual delays, except
> perhaps to load passengers at the various stops. Virtual delays on the
> other hand, will abound, so that we can enjoy various sights on the way,
> and partake of the in-flight entertainment, etc. <G> Not to worry
> about the ice holding you to the tower, we'll pack the blow torches.
> <GG> If you come free before we move to a position to catch
> you.....just be patient. We move at lightspeed, so we'll get to you
> before you hit anything. <VBG> We've rigged a trampoline so that it
> can be extended from the trunk (boot for those of British persuasion) by
> remote control. There's a big yellow "X" in the middle, so you can't
> miss it. I figure your bouncing can entertain the passengers while we
> go down to pick up those sensible folks who chose to wait on the ground
> by the tower. <Enourmous Grin> Be sure to glue that slinky dress down
> where it counts, or the passengers might mutiny in favor of just
> watching you bounce instead of attending the party.
> See you tomorrow.
> John
> Sarah Murtagh wrote:
> >
> > Is it too late to add someone to the guest list? I'd like to bring along
> > a very good friend, Jane Hauser. She'll join us atop the CN tower
> > waiting for John in his MMMC - Jane will bring along her wonderful sense
> > of humour - she LOVES a good party! John - you will be able to recognize
> > me - I'll be the one clinging to the top of the tower, wearing a
> > blindfold! I'm deathly afraid of heights, so please, please don't be long
> > - its supposed to snow here and its getting really cold out now! I might
> > also be disguised as the icicle with grey hair.... (prematurely grey of
> > course!)..... I know its going to shock my sons but I've decided to wear
> > a low, cut slinky "thing" - afterall husband's staying at home! -
> > Someone has to make sure all the Christmas mail is delivered!
> >
> > John, you might have to chip off a bit of ice to free me from the top of
> > the tower - so bring along a chisel or two!
> >
> > See you soon!
> >
> > Sarah Murtagh
> > London, Ontario

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