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From: David & Loyola Wares <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Party
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 17:08:02 +0800

At 17:25 18/12/98 +1000, Fran Stewart wrote:
>I have been waiting here in Brisbane waving my white handkerchief, waiting
>for the six white boomers to come along. Is it that I am a day ahead, or
>have I missed my lift. Are you coming to pick me up this morning or
>tonight? Helppp
>Oh I know what the problem is Western Australia has not woken up yet.*8>)
>All the best for Christmas and the New Year to all.
>Fran S.

That's the trouble with sandgropers! We always want to run things our way.
I've been out all morning and into the arvo (Perth WA time). It is now
4:51 pm in Perth, and I've only just managed to get to read my Email.
I acquired an FJ Holden, as there seems to be very few 48-215s in the
carpark at present. I should be able to get across to the parties and send
it back to the carpark using a modified counter (with memory reset) from my
old VCR. Its the only part of that set that still works! This will mean
the owner wont even miss his car! <G>
Having already had another Christmas party this week (with my Lions club),
I'm really looking forward to one with SNOW! Is it a White Christmas in
Anyway, I've got a bottle each of Swan Valley and Margaret River wines for
you all to try. These are virtually impossible to empty, so there is
enough for all concerned.
My wife and I will have to leave while the party is in full swing to attend
another party tomorrow (Saturday) in Perth. This one is for a food centre
which we assist with our labour. It starts at 1.00 pm, but I can probably
travel at light speed to jump back and forth between the two venues.
See you there.
PS I've got a carton of tiny sachets of Vegemite (The size of the
honey/marmalade/jelly etc they give you at McDonalds with English muffins
for breakfast)! They will be our Christmas present to you all!
David Wares and family
Happy Christmas.
David and Loyola Wares
Perth Western Australia
ICQ 14385856

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