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From: Ann Tumser <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Party
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 06:09:11 -0800

Dear Mary,

That sums up the party very nicely; how talented you are!

Best wishes for the holidays,
Ann in California


> It's almost the night before Christmas, the best night of the year,
> And we're all back at our homes, still glowing with good cheer.
> For a virtual party we all did attend,
> And now it's back to business trying to get on the mend.
> We arrived in transport, the likes of which never seen.
> By man or beast, look and see what I mean.
> Some came by canoe, and some flew on a broom,
> Which ran into trouble, when shot down, lost its zoom.
> That Magical Mystical Mini Cooper did fly,
> Round the world, having fun taking us up to the sky.
> Santa's sleigh filled with ravenous elves stuffing stockings,
> And Cornish pixies wrapping gifts to deliver without knocking.
> The Wing and A Prayer, a Phantom Pirate Ship, brought Creme de Menthe jelly,
> Along with 100 proof trifle, Kahlua custard and miles of macadamias in its
> belly.
> The Cesna's dishy pilot under bridges he kept diving,
> I'm sure glad it was him doing all that stunt driving.
> He plucked the fair Kay and her golden retriever,
> Off the Sky Tower bungy, yup, he sure did retrieve her.
> But the best sight of all was those Six White Boomers,
> With padded pouches for the littlies and all us late bloomers.
> We showed up by space ship, puffing billy trains, submarines,
> Came on clipper ships, steam engines, seaplanes, most any means.
> Cornish shrimp boats, on horseback, and even a Welsh dragon,
> On The Wings of an Angel was most special, but we're braggin'.
> We loved Lancarffe and the Caerthillian Hotel was superb,
> St. Michael's Mount was glorious, we must spread the word.
> We ate and we drank, til our tummies were filled,
> We sang and we danced, sharing bottles of the distilled.
> Then later we walked on the Moors, in the mist,
> Went to church, visited graveyards, you get the gist.
> We saw where our relatives made homes, lived their lives,
> We walked in their shoes, got tears in our eyes.
> But the best part of this party if you will recall,
> Was meeting each other, sharing stories with all.
> For without each other our research would stumble,
> We'd be scratching our heads, over relatives we'd mumble.
> No matter what part of the world we are from,
> It's a pleasure to know if we need research help, it will come.
> So for those who can join us, we'll meet again next year,
> Stuff ourselves with family stories, lots of food, drink and good cheer.
> To this great group of people,
> Wherever you are, however you're celebrating the holiday season,
> May there be peace on earth and love in our hearts for each other,
> And may the blessing of the season go to each of you.
> Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Season's Greetings,
> Feliz Navidad, or our own Cornish Nadelek Lowen,
> Mary R. Wescott

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