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Subject: [WES] Heversham B-D Westmorland Church Notes
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(S. altar tomb, rails). S. m. William Bindloss of Deepthwaite who d. 27th
April 1841 Aged 74 y. S. also to m. Alice Bindloss, relict of the above who
d. 13th Febry. 1844 Aged 68 y. And of their children viz, Elizabeth Bindloss
who d, 21st Novr, 1806 Aged 4 y., Emma Bindloss, who d. 22nd April 1823 aged
4 y., Robert Johnson Bindloss who d, 11th May 1830 Aged 17 y. Susanna Clegg
who d. 20th Septr. 1832 Aged 28 y. William Bindloss who d. l0th March 1835
Aged 35 y. Richard Story Bindloss who d. 8th July 1842 Aged 31. Alice
Bindloss who d. 1st Sepr. 1844 Aged 36 y. Mary Cartmel who d. 6th Novr. 1850
Aged 44 y, Dorothy Stoddart who d, January l0th 1861 Aged 45 y.
(E). In a, r. William Bindloss of Heversham, who d. November 9th 1878,
aged 75 y., also of Hannah, wife of the above, who d. October 31st 1882 aged
76 y, "This stone was erected by their children."
BIRKETT, D . . . . .
(E) . Elizabeth, da. of John Birkett of Milnthorpe d. 20th Decr. 1751.
John Birkett of Milnthorpe d. 3rd December 1754. Elizabeth, da. of Richard
and Elizabeth D . . . . . and relict of John Birkett, d. l0th August 1793
aged 86. Mary the da. of the above John & Elizabeth Birkett d. at Kendal the
12th of March 1842 aged 93 y.
(In. chancel N). S. m. Richard Birkett who was b. at Milnthorpe on the
14th day of May 1739 0. S. and d. at Clapton in Middlesex the 15th day of
January 1829 in his 90th y., also to his sister Mary Birkett, who d. at
Kendal in Westmoreland the 12th day of March 1842 aged 93 y.
(S. flat tomb). Here lieth the Body of Wm. Birkhead of Kidside who d. L.
the l0th day of November 1727 Aged 77. Also Jane his Wife who D. May ye 27th
1744 Aged 92.
(N). In m. Ann Bolton Da. of John and Betty Bolton of Levens who d. July
9th 1840 Aged 13 y. also Elizabeth Bolton who d. Novr. 19th 1848 Aged 15 y,
(N) In m. John Bolton of Levens who d. 15th of February 1869 Aged 78 y.
Also of Betty Bolton the affectionate Wife of the above, who d. 27th
February 1871 Aged 68 y. Also of William Bolton who d. 27th December 1867
Aged 44y. Also of Thomas Bolton who d. 1st April 1868 Aged 38 y.
(N). In m. William Henry Bond of Leasgill, who d. 16th July 1864 aged 24
y. also of William Bond father of the above who d. November 21st 1881 aged
70 y.
(E. altar tomb) . S. m. John Bowerbank of Milnthorp who d. L. the 20th day
of Decr, 1819 Aged 47 y. (At W. end).
(N. 2 crosses, rail). Elizabeth Mary Braithwaite b, June 16th 1847, d.
July 13th 1872.
(N. altar tomb; railing). S. m. William James, son of Garnett and Sarah
Braithwaite, who d. on the 20th day of December 1842 aged 1 y. and 7 m.,
also of Garnett Braithwaite of Plum-tree Hall, who d. at Cheltenham on the
19th day of December 1845 aged 35 y., also of Sarah, wife of the above
Garnett Braithwaite who d. at Plum- tree Hall on the 18th day of December
1879 aged 72 y.
(E. flat tomb, rail) . In m. Thomas Braithwaite of Kendal who d. February
24th 1822 aged 48 y., and of Jane Braithwaite his widow only da. of Robert
Bindloss of Greenside who d. March 12th 1862 aged 80 y., and also of Hannah
Braithwaite da. of the above named Thomas and Jane Braithwaite, who d. at
Greenside March 2nd 1872, aged 61 y.
(S) . In a. r. Mary, eldest da. of the late James & Hannah Briggs of
Milnthorpe who d. March 23rd 1881 aged 59 y.
(S. altar tomb). S. m. Thomas Briggs of Milnthorpe who d. March 23rd 1826
Aged 58 y. Also of Mary Briggs, Wife of the above Thomas Briggs, who d.
Decr. 14th 1847 Aged 75 y. Also of James Briggs, Son of Thomas and Mary
Briggs who d. May 23rd 1844 Aged 48 y. Also of Hannah wife of the above
James Briggs, who d. July 7th 1842 Aged 43 y. Also of Bryan, Son of James
and Hannah Briggs who d. July 6th 1832 Aged 2 y. And of Elizabeth their Da.
who d. March 16th 1841 Aged 16 weeks. And of Hannah Maria their Da. who d.
April 15th 1848 Aged 15 y. Also of Jane Briggs their Da. who d. June 20th
1849 Aged 28 y. Also of Ann Briggs their Da. who d. June 2nd 1858 Aged 21 y.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev. XIV. XIII.
The opening buds of youth
And Manhood's blooming prime
Death withers by his blast,
The full blown flowers of age
Are cull'd by time at last,
(E). Here lyeth the Body of Isabella Brockbank, the wife of Thomas
Brockbank of Milnthorpe, who d. l. June 1st 1827 aged 32 y.
(E. altar tomb). In m. Thomas, Son of Robert and Mary Brockbank who d.
May 23rd 1839 Aged 14 m., also Robert their Son d. March 7th 1852 Aged 29 y.
Also Mary Ann Brockbank d. Novr. 24th 1854 Aged 34 y. Also Mary Brockbank
Mother of the above d. Jany. 21st 1855, Aged 58 y. Robert, Husband of the
above Mary d. July 2nd 1864 Aged 76 y.
(N. altar tomb, rail). . S. m. Warham Jemmett Browne Esqre who d. December
31st 1861 at Heversham House aged 79 y., also to m.. his widow Anne Browne,
who d. June l0th 1870 at Birk Dault her native home in her 71st y. Another
Gem in the Saviours Crown, Another Star in Heaven.
(E. flat tomb, with rail). S. m. James Burrow, surgeon, Prestwich, who d.
l. the 5th of Decr. 1851 in the 42nd y. of his age.
(E. with rail). In a. r. Mary the beloved da. of Thomas & Phoebe Burrow
who d. at Cartmel, January 12th 1870 aged 10 y., interred at St. Mary's
church, Cartmel, also of Elizabeth their da. who d. August 25th 1874 aged 13
y. Also of Phoebe their da. who d. August 27th 1874 aged 9 y. They d. at
Morecambe and were interred here.
(E). In m. Obadiah Burrow of Heversham, who d. September 20th 1863, aged
80 y. Also of Mary his Wife, who d. February 23rd 1863, aged 83 y. Also John
their Son who d. at Adelaide, South Australia, December 5th 1875 aged 63 y.
(Dallham Tower Chapel. Window S). Arms: 41y. 1. ar. chevron between 3
(water-bougets) s~ (Bushell) ; 2. . . . . . ; 3. 41y per fess indented or.
and gu., on bend az. cinquefoil between 2 martlets of the first; 4. . . . .
. . . I h. s. A. P. 1601, Bushell (hawk volant), Arms : ar. 2 bars,on
canton gu. cinquefoil or. (Preston).
C . . .
(N). A. A. C.
C . . . .
(S). A. P. C., D. C.
(E). In m. Isabella, Wife of Edward of Carr of Milnthorpe who d. the 16th
day of May 1853 Aged 65 y. Also Edward Carr, Husband of the above, who d.
April 22nd 1869, Aged 83 y. Also of Isabella Da. of the above who d.
February 21st 1830 Aged 8 y. Also of Isabella, Da. of the above, who d.
December 18th 1830, Aged 6m.
(N). In m. Francis Hodgson Cassels d. June IX. MDCCCLXVIII aged LX.
(In. chancel S). S. M. the Revd. Alan Chambre A.M. Minister of Cross
Crake Chapel, who d. at Heversham May 20th 1800 and was interred near this
place Aged 30. (Below) Arms : (or) cross ermine between 4 martlets az., on
chief of last serpent between 2 roses of field; Crest, a cock.
(N cross). In a. m. Eliza widow of the late Rev. James Cheadle Vicar of
Bingley, Yorkshire. who d. at Arnside on the 7th Feby. 1881 aged 72, " per
ardua ad astra."
(E. altar tomb). S. m. Benjamin Clark late of Milnthorpe, who d. July 5th
1806 aged 9° y., also of Isabella his widow who d. January 25th 1807 aged 88
y.,and of Rachel their da. who d. March 25th 1848 aged 87 y.
(N). In m. Joseph Clark, 8th Son of Richard and Hannah Clark of Whasset
who d. February the 17th 1859 Aged 23 y. Hannah, Mother of the above Joseph
Clark d. March 3rd 1865 Aged 77 y. Also of Richard, husband to the Above
Hannah Clark, who d. Sep- tember 1st 1867 Aged 85 y.
(E). In l. m. John Clarke of Ackenthwaite, who d. Sept.17th, 1875, aged
28 y.
(N). In r. a faithful servant, a kind husband and good father, John
Philipson Clarke Who d. from the effects of an accident December 30th 1873
Aged 38 y. " There remaineth a rest for the People of God."
(N). In m. William Cockcroft d. 17th July 1850 aged 71 y. and was Interred
in the Halifax General Cemetery. Also of Samuel Wyld Cockcroft Son of the
Above who d. at Leasgill 17th May 1857 aged 51 y. Also of Ann widow of
William Cockcroft who d. 21St June 1865 aged 83y.
(N). S. m. the late George Cornthwaite, Joiner, of Milnthorpe, who d.
November the 11th 1853 aged 64 y. Also of Mary, Wife of the above who d.
Sepr. 4th, 1871 Aged 84 y. Also of G. Gibson their Son who d. Octr 8th 1861
Aged 33 y. Also of Nancy, their Da. who d. March 31st 1868 Aged 45 y.
(S). In m. John Cornthwaite of Stainton who d. l. December 2nd, 1848 aged
45 y. " Blessed are the dead which die in 6he Lord." Rev. XIV. ch. 13 v.
Also Agnes, widow of the above who d. at. Kendal June 5th, 1875 aged 65 y.
(S. flat stone). Here lieth the Body of Robert Cornthwaite of Milnthorpe
who D. L. October. . . 1736 Aged 7(0 or 2) (Regis. 15 Oct. 1736, bur.
Robt.Ct. of M.p.).

(N. cross). By their schoolfellows, to George Cowell of Lydgate aged 18,
here buried Edmund J. Goodwin of Manchester aged 19 and Richard T. M. Rigby
of Chorley aged 15, drowned while bathing on the sands August 30th 1855. G.
C. 1855.
(E. broken altar tomb). Here lie the Remains of Jenny wife of Christopher
Cowperthwaite late of Nether Levens who d. L. Ju(ne) the (15th Regr). .
.1739 in the. . .Y. of Age. (Sh)e was a kind Neighbour, a dutiful Wife, and
(Here) also lie the Remains of Ann, Da. of William (&) Hannah Fletcher of
Kendal . . .Grand Da. to the. . . who d. l. (Aug)ust 22, 17(73) ? in the
l1th . . . Age. (Worn away).
(E. altar tomb coming to pieces). E. B. informed that it was Cragg.
(E.) In l. m. Agnes, Wife of Thomas Cragg of Woodhouse, D. June 14th 1879
Aged 74 y. Also of the above Thomas Cragg, d. Feby. 23rd 1886 Aged 79.
(In. S. W. aisle W). S. m. William Cragg who d. 9th of March A. D. 1820,
aged 31.
(S. altar tomb). Here Iyeth the Remains of Richard Crampton of Milnthorp,
who d. L. the 14th Day of February 1762 in the 55th y. of his Age. Agnes,
wife of George Bond d. November the 21st 1771 Aged 24 y. Robert Crampton d.
September the 27th 1775 Aged 20 y. Agnes Crampton Wife and Mother of the
above d. April the 7th 1783 Aged 66 y. Also of Jane Cater niece to the above
d. March 4th 1825 Aged 42. She lived respected and d. regretted.
(In. S). In m. Richard Crampton and Bridget his wife late of Houlet Ash,
he d. March 16, 1797 aged 56; she d. July 14th.. 1797 aged.49.
(S). S. m. Miles Crayston of Grange who d. January 25th 1824 Aged 63 y.
Also of Ann Crayston his Wife who d. at Leasgill November 20th 1836 Aged 73
(I n. S. aisle W. floor). Here lieth ye Body of Agnes Crosfield, da. of
Anthony Crosfield of Comon Myre who d. l. ye 9th Day of Oct . .
(E. stone edging). In l. m. John Herbert, second son of John and Sara,
Crossley of Beachwood, Arnside, who d. February 6th 1883 aged 25 y. " Even
so, father, for so it seemed good in thy sight."
(In. S. Dallam Tower chapel). To m. Mrs. Dorothy Crowle, Relict of
William Crowle of Fryston Esquire in the County of York who d. the 23rd July
(N. altar tomb). To m. Nanny Dalzell the beloved wife of William Dalzell,
of Force who d.l. Novr. 23rd 1852 aged 36 y. " Trust ye in the Lord for
ever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength." Isaiah ch. 26, v. 4.
Also of Jane the beloved wife of William Dalzell who d. Augst. 22nd 1874
aged 59 y. Much Respected also of William Dalzell, Force Cottages, Levens,
who d. Octr 29th 1883 aged 68 y.
(N). S. m. Joshua Davis of Hincaster House who d. the 26th day of April
1849 Aged 76 y. Also of Jane his Wife who d. on the 4th day of July 1840
Aged 77. She was interred at Melling. Also of James, Son of the above who d.
at Hincaster September 29th 1863 Aged 60 y.
(E. flat tomb). In m. Robert Dawson late of Crooklands who d. Decr. 21st
1855 Aged 41 y. And of Robert his Son who d. Decr. l0th 1845 Aged 11 weeks.
Also of Jane his Da. who d. April 29th 1851 Aged 2 y. and 11 m. And of
Elizabeth his Da. who d. July 8th 1863 Aged 20 y.
(S. altar tomb, rail). In M. John Dennison of Beethom, Farmer, who d.
June 30th 1789 Aged 54 y. Mary Widow of the above John Dennison, d. January
28th 1793 Aged 53 y. Also of Robert Dennison of Beethom, Yeoman, Son of the
above John & Mary Dennison who d. May 22nd 1832 Aged 63 y., and of Mary
Dennison Widow of the above Robt. Dennison, d. Novr. 1st 1836 Aged 67 y.
(S). In m. Esther the beloved wife of Paul Derome who d. l. October 23rd
1866 in the 59th y. of her age.
It was on the eve of leaving
This native home of mine,
To join a loving son
In a far distant clime.
But by death was overtaken,
My race of life was run.
It was God's will that I should go,
So farewell, farewell, dear son.
(S). Here Lieth Interrd. the Body of Ellinor the Wife of Joseph Dickinson
of Milnthrop who d. L. the llth day of October 1776 in the 72d Y. of her
Age, also the Body of the said Joseph Dickinson who d. on the 2d of Novr.
1780 aged 63.

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