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From: Dick Landis< >
Subject: [GAMEL-L] Two Frederick County VA Gambel Families
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 09:08:18 -0500 (EST)

I'm brand new to this list but glad to share what I have on two seemingly
unrelated Gambel Families. I will list one of them today and the other one
when I have a bit more time.
Dick Landis

........................FIRST GENERATION..................
1. MARY GAMBLE, b. abt. 1685 in Ireland married SAMUEL GLASS. They lived
in Ban Bridge, County Down and emigrated with their children and
grandchildren to America in 1735. William H. Foote in his "Sketches of
Virginia [1855] says Mary Gamble was a sister to the Gambles who settled in
Augusta County, VA. Samuel Glass purchased 1600 acres of land in Frederick
County VA, at the head of the Opequon Creek, where he and all his children,
except son John, settled in 1736. Mary and Samuel had six children: John,
Elizabeth, Sarah, David, Robert, Joseph.

.......................SECOND & THIRD GENERATIONS..................
2. JOHN GLASS, b. abt 1710 in Ban Bridge, County Down. Married a Miss
BICKET. Settled in Augusta County, Va. - Descendants not known to me.

2. ELIZABETH GLASS, b. abt 1712 in Ban Bridge, County Down. Married JAMES
VANCE. Elizabeth and James Vance had two children: Samuel and William.
........3. SAMUEL VANCE b. abt 1737 in Virginia, married a Miss RANNELLS. -
descendants not known to me.
........3. WILLIAM VANCE b. abt 1739 in Virginia, married a (1)Miss Gilkeson
and had at least one son, 4. JAMES VANCE, who married CATHERINE HEISKILL;
married (2)Miss COLVILLE and had at least three children: 4. WILLIAM VANCE,
JR. m. MARGARET MYERS; 4. ELIZABETH VANCE married DR. TILDEN - descendants
unknown; 4.JOHN VANCE reported married four times: (1)EMILY MCNEIL, (2)SUSAN
MYERS, (3)ELIZA HOGE, and (4)CATHERINE WILLIAMS. Children by first wife
were: Mary, Sally, Cary, and Laura. Other descendants not known.

2, SARAH GLASS, b. abt 1714 in Ban Bridge, County Down, married a Mr.
BECKETT. Sarah and Mr. Beckett had five children: Robert, Sarah, Nary,
Elizabeth, and Joseph. - Descendants not known to me.

2. DAVID GLASS, b. abt. 1715 in Ban Bridge, County Down, married ELIZABETH
FULTON. The names of David's children are not known but they are reported
to have settled in Kentucky.

2. ROBERT GLASS, born in 1716 in Ban Bridge, County Down, married ELIZABETH
FULTON. Lived at "Long Meadows" at Opequon, Frederick County, VA. Robert
and Elizabeth had thirteen children: Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Susan,
Martha, Ann, Ruth, Margaret, Robert David, John, James, and Joseph.
........3. SAMUEL GLASS, b. abt 1741 married ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD and had
seven children: Samuel, Jr., Sarah, Benjamin, Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth,
and James.
........3. MARY GLASS, b. abt 1743, married JAMES DAVID VANCE and had four
children: James David, Robert Chambers, Mary, and Martha Cornelia.
........3. ELIZABETH GLASS, b. abt 1745, married JOHN CUMMINGS -
descendants not known to me.
........3. SARAH GLASS, b. abt 1749 - Never Married.
........3. SUSAN GLASS, b. abt 1751 - Never Married.
........3. MARTHA GLASS, b. abt 1751 - married HENRY SHERRARD and had at
least one child: Sarah.
........3. ANN GLASS, b. abt 1753 - married (1)WILLIAM VANCE and had at
least one child, Mary, by this marriage; m(2) ROBERT GRAY, two children by
this marriage: William Hill and Joseph.
........3. RUTH GLASS, b. abt 1755, married Rev. JAMES VANCE and had three
sons: Robert, David, and William.
........3. MARGARET GLASS, b. abt 1759, married THOMAS WHITE and had three
children: Robert, James, and Sarah.
........3. ROBERT DAVID GLASS, b. abt 1759, married ELIZABETH RUST. Lived
at "Long Meadows" in Opequon, Frederick County, VA. They had five children:
Elizabeth, Robert Jeremiah, Mary A., Susan, and James V.
........3. JOHN GLASS - Never married
........3. JAMES GLASS, b. abt 1763, married (1)ELIZABETH SOWERS and had
two children by this marriage: Lewis and Elizabeth; m.(2)ISABELLA CATLETT
and had one child by this marriage: Isabella.
........3. JOSEPH GLASS, b. abt 1722, married ELIZA WILSON and lived at
"Greenwood" at Opequon, Frederick County, VA. Joseph and Eliza had twelve
children: Mary, Samuel, Robert, Georgetta, Sarah, Elizabeth, The Rev.
Joseph, Jr., Martha, Ruth, David, Mary, and Sophia.

See my website for a
full listing of this family.

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