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Subject: [GAMEL-L] Joseph Gamble/Miss Montgomery line
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 08:54:35 -0500 (EST)

Hello all -

I promised I'd put my second Gamble family on the list and here it is.

The early years of this family in England and Ireland is not known. Family
tradition says that two Gamble brothers emigrated from Northumberland
County, England to Ireland in the latter part of the seventeenth century.
One of these brothers was the ancestor of Joseph Gamble whose story is the
subject of this article.

Joseph Gamble, a farmer in County Derry, Ireland, and his wife, a Miss
Montgomery, along with two children, Margaret and Archibald, emigrated to
Pennsylvania in 1753. Joseph's wife had relatives already living in
Philadelphia. I do not know their names and I do not know if Joseph had any
Gamble relatives already living in America. Certainly, we know there were
plenty of Gambles in America before 1753.

Joseph and his family stayed in America for two years before Joseph became
dissatisfied and returned to Ireland. His wife and Archibald went back to
Ireland with him. Daughter Margaret stayed in Pennsylvania and lived with
relatives of her mother. She would later marry a John Allen and I have no
further information on her family.

Son Archibald Gamble returned to America [Philadelphia] at the age of
eighteen in order to better continue his education. He became a professor
of Latin and Greek at the University of Pennsylvania, married Mary Lisle
[daughter of John Lisle of Philadelphia] and they had four children:
..... Thomas [Consul at the Island of St. Thomas in later years] Had two
sons, but I have no further informtion on them.
..... Archibald [an Officer in War of 1812] - had children, but I have no
further information on them.
..... Sarah, married the Rev. Mr. Cummings of Orange County, NY - had
children but I have no further information on them.
..... Nancy, married (1)James S. Lane, a wealthy merchant of Shepherdstown
VA [now WVA] and (2) Dr. Boatler of Jefferson. Nancy had no children.
Archibald died at a young age when he contracted "the Ship's fever" upon
greeting his younger brother Joseph, Jr. at New Castle DE when Joseph, Jr.
and his family arrived in America in 1784.

Back to Archibald and Margaret's father and mother in Ireland. They had two
more children after they returned to Ireland: Joseph, Jr., born in 1755 and

In 1781, Joseph, Jr. married Ann Hamilton, daughter of John Hamilton and
Mary Carr of the Strath. Three years later, in 1785, they embarked for
America arriving at New Castle DE and soon settled in Wincester, Frederick
County, VA.
They had seven children, six of whom lived into adulthood:
..... John Gamble, born 12/8/1785, married a daughter of John Lynn of
Tennessee and I believe lived in Tennessee. Children: Carr, Joseph and Ann
[m. a Presbyterian Minister.] - no further info.
..... Elizabeth Gamble, born Apr 13, 1788, married Captain Samuel Baker -
her family is quite well documented to the present day although there are
some gaps.
..... Joseph Gamble III, born Jan 14, 1790, married Elizabeth Cook of
Frederick County VA [now Warren Co.] She died soon after they were married
and Joseph moved to St. Louis, MO where he was Clerk of the US District
Court at the time of his death in 1848 - no children.
..... James Carr Gamble, born Dec. 28, 1791, married Elizabeth Williams of
Hardy County, VA [now WV] and was Clerk of the Court in that County for many
years - many descendants of whom I have no record.
..... Archibald Gamble, born Jan 14, 1794. - At age 64, Archibald jotted
down some notes on his father's family from which most of my info comes. He
failed to say anything about himself except that at one time he lived with
his brother Joseph in Missouri.
..... William Hamilton Gamble, born Aug 8, 1896 - died young.
..... Hamilton R. Gamble, born Nov 29, 1798, married Caroline Coalter,
daughter of David Coalter of South Carolina. Hamilton was a lawyer who
moved to Missouri at a young age and was quite successful as a lawyer, a
judge, and a politician. He became Governor of Missouri during the Civil
War. Three children: Hamilton, Mary, and David. - no further information.

I have no information on Eleanor, youngest daughter of Joseph Gamble and a
Miss Montgomery except that she married John Anderson. I do not know if she
remained in Ireland or came to America.

I would like very much to have additinal information on any of these lines
and can be reached by e-mail at

Dick Landis

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