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Subject: [GAMEL-L] The Pennsylvania Gazette(Gamble)
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 20:47:37 EST

The Pennsylvania Gazette

ITEM #11508
February 27, 1750
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Lately imported by William Gamble, and to be sold at his
store, in Mrs. Andrewhouse, in Water street, next door to
Capt. Phillips, for ready money, a neat assortment of Irish

ITEM #6851
January 15, 1745
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Run away on the 25th of December last, from Thomas Hanaway, of
Sadsbury, Lancaster County, Cooper, an English Servant Man,
named Richard << Gamble>> , about 26 Years of Age, has been 10 Years
in the Country, and can Work at most Sorts of Country
Business, and was mostly usto Horse Racing, &c. in England,
pretends to be a Farrier, and can play many Tricks in
Legerdemain, or Hocus Pocus; he is a well set Fellow, midling
Stature, broad flat Face, and a small Mouth: Had on when he
went away, a Cotton Cap, an old Hat, a yellowish coloured
Cloth Coat, with flash Sleeves and Brass Buttons, blue and
white Bird Eye double Breasted Jacket, Oznabrigs Shirt, a Pair
of striped Cotton and Linnen Trowsers, old dark Yarn
Stockings, and a Pair of Pumps; he has been some Time among
the Dutch, and pretends to speak that Language. Whoever takes
up and secures the said Servant, so as his Master may have him
again, shall have Forty Shillings Reward, and reasonable
Charges, paid by Thomas Hanaway.

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