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Subject: [GAMEL-L] The Pennsylvania Gazette(Gammil)
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 21:14:17 EST

I'm not sending all of this article. Just sending the part with John Gammil.
If anyone would like the whole article please let me know.

September 1, 1768 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #43166
September 1, 1768
The Pennsylvania Gazette

WHEREAS in pursuance of an act of General Assembly of the province of
Pennsylvania, intituled, An Act for granting the sum of Sixty Thousand Pounds
for the Kinguse, and for striking Fifty Five Thousand Pounds thereof in bills
of credit, and to provide a fund for sinking the same, and by three subsequent
acts for granting to his Majesty the additional sum of Three Hundred Thousand
Pounds, the following tracts of located and unimproved lands have been duly
valued and rated, by the assessors for the county of Cumberland, the property
of the persons herein after named; and whereas the owners of said tracts of
land have neglected to pay the collectors of the different townships the
several undermentioned sums, which according to the said valuation have been
assessed and laid upon said lands as the proportion thereof for several years
past, for said tax by the acts imposed: We the commissioners of the county of
Cumberland aforesaid, in pursuance of said acts, do give notice, that on
Tuesday, the 29th day of November next, at the house of John Pollock, in the
town of Carlisle, we will expose to sale by public vendue, the following
tracts of located unimproved lands, or such part as will be sufficient to
answer the said taxes, and all charges, accruing by reason of the non payment
thereof, to the highest bidder. The sale to begin at ten oin the forenoon.
Given under our hands this 12th day of August, 1768, WILLIAM CLARK, WILLIAM
SMITH, JOHN BYERS, Commissioners.

800 acres of Franktown waters; 300 at the end of Chestnut hill; 500 at the
South Branch of Franktown; 1500 in Morrisoncove; 1500 patented, in
Morrisoncove, all in Bedford township; 487 at the heads of Shaverrun, in
Cumberland; 290 on Town creek, in Colerain; 600 adjoining John << Gammil>> ;
5000 on the East Branch of Juniata; 1500 adjoining Captain Brady; 1500
recovered from Mr. Elliot, and 6000 in Barree, belonging to Samuel Wallace,
114 5 9.

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