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Subject: [GAMEL-L] The Pennsylvania Gazette (Gemmell)
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 21:20:45 EST

August 5, 1762 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #29090
August 5, 1762
The Pennsylvania Gazette

LIST or LETTERS remaining in the POST OFFICE in Philadelphia.

John Gourley, Edward Griffin, Jos. Grant, James Green, jr.
John Gardner, Thomas Griffith, Zachariah << Gemmell>> , John
Goodwin, Charles Goldsborough, Hugh Gilmore, Daniel Grymes,
Samuel Gibson, and William Gough, in Philadelphia; John
Greenleer, Pennsylvania; William Geary (2) Duck Creek; William
Griffin, N. Castle County; William Gibson, Little Britain;
William Graves, Northampton County.

July 26, 1764 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #33784
July 26, 1764
The Pennsylvania Gazette

LIST of LETTERS remaining in the Post Office Philadelphia.

John Goddington, John Gibbons, David Giffin, Conrad Graff
William Gibbons, Capt. Zibed. Greenell, Polly Grimes, and
William Gaa, in Philadelphia; Benjamin Griffiths, Bucks
County; Peter Grubb (2) Pennsylvania; John << Gemmell>> , Carlisle;
Jessey Graves, Merion; Col. James Gillyspie 2) Little Britain.

September 22, 1773 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #54024
September 22, 1773
The Pennsylvania Gazette

To be SOLD, by PUBLIC VENDUE, on Thursday, the 14th day of October next, at
the late dwelling house of WILLIAM NICOL, deceased, in Chanceford township,
York county, the following articles and goods, viz. A VALUABLE plantation,
containing two surveys, one of 100 acres, the other 200 acres, with good
titles; about 40 acres clear, 14 acres of good timothy meadow, and more may be
made, also two dwelling houses, and spring house, with a good spring near the
door, several out houses for stabling, two gardens, an exceeding good merchant
mill in good repair, with two pair of stones, one pair for country work is of
calicoe, the other Cologne for Merchant work; both run by double geers, with
hoisting geers, boulting chests, a constant stream of water both in summer and
winter, also a large commodious mill house, the lower story is stone, a good
race, with an exceeding strong dam, extremely will situated for country work,
and for carrying on a large trade of Merchant work and store keeping, being
but 40 miles from Baltimore, 20 from Rock run, 48 from Christiana bridge, 20
from York town, 8 miles from McCallferry, on Susquehanna, formerly called
Nelson, and 12 from Peachbottom ferry, in an excellent part of the country for
wheat, either to buy, or to grind for the Farmers; also a wined mill for
cleaning wheat, a large beam scales and weights, horses, cows, young cattle, a
great quantity of sheep and hogs, two pair of good yoked oxen, for draught, a
large quantity of good hay, ploughs, geers, axes, mattock hoes, with a great
quantity of utensils and houshold goods, fit for farming and housekeeping, too
tedious to mention: The sale will be held on the premises, and to begin at 10
oon said day, and continue till all is sold, where due attendance and
reasonable credit will be given, by

September 15, 1773MARY NICOL, Executrix,

WILLIAM << GEMMELL>> , Executor.

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