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September 30, 1789 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #76131
September 30, 1789
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Twenty Dollars Reward.

STOLEN from the plantation of the subscriber, in Charles [Charlestown]
township, Chester county, Pennsylvania, on the 24th of this instant, a dark
brown stone horse, with a black mane and tail, three white feet, bald face,
one wall eye, somewhat galled on both shoulders, about 16 hands high, a
natural trotter, 6 years old last grass. The person who stole the above horse,
goes by the name of Robert << Gamble>> , about 30 years of age, 5 feet 7
inches high, of a fair complexion, rather inclined to sandy, and somewhat
marked with the small pox. Had on and took with him, a white cloth coat, two
pair of silk breeches, one pair of a dove colour, the other lighter, a silk
jacket, a brown coat and jacket, a green coat, check trowsers, two pair of
boots and a pair of silver spurs. He also took a saddle almost new, the pad
faced with blue, and cloth coloured sweat cloth, a great coat of coating, and
a silver watch.

He also stole things belonging to a countryman of his, that were lodged at my
house, viz. three fine shirts, one pair breeches, a pair of thread stockings,
kneebuckles, a case of bleeding lancets, stock and stock buckle, and six
dollars in cash. Whoever takes up and secures said horse and thief, so that
the owner may get his horse and the thief brought to justice, shall have the
above reward, and reasonable charges, or Four Dollars for the horse only, paid


December 16, 1762 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #29897
December 16, 1762
The Pennsylvania Gazette

THE Tenants on the Lands (of John << Gamble>> , late of the City of
Dublin, deceased) situate in Salem County, and now almost out
of Lease, are desired to take Notice, that REDMOND CONYNGHAM,
of Philadelphia, Merchant, and JOHN MOORE, of Chester County,
Storekeeper, are impowered by Joseph and Ann Ewing, Guardians
to William << Gamble>> , a Minor, Son and Heir at law to John << Gamble>>
aforesaid, to receive all Arrears of Rent that may be due on
said Lands, and new Leases to grant, during the Minority of
said William << Gamble>> . The Tenants are desired to produce
Receipts for the last Payments they have made, and to come and
settle immediately with either of the Attorneys, and know the
Terms on which new Leases will be granted.

March 12, 1761 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #26202
March 12, 1761
The Pennsylvania Gazette

BOSTON, March 2.

The Polly, << Gamble>> , from Glasgow to Virginia, about the
Middle to December last, off the Banks of Newfoundland, had
the Misfortune to be taken by a French Privateer from Bayonne,
who, after taking out the best Part of the Cargo, ransomed her
for 1100l.

July 16, 1788 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #75007
July 16, 1788
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Supplement to the PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE. No. 3033.

WHEREAS complaint hath been made to the commissioners of the county of Chester
by the collectors, that they cannot obtain the taxes due on the following
estates, as have been assessed on them for the payment of the several sums
which they are charged with, agreeable to the several tax laws of this
commonwealth, and the owners have hitherto neglected to appear and discharge
the same, viz.

Joseph << Gamble>> , 5
Curtis and Peter Grubb, one lot,
John Pedrick's estate, ditto,
Richard Flower's ditto, ditto,
Benjamin Ford's ditto, ditto,
Emanuel Grubb, ditto,
William Ford, ditto,
Joseph Few, ditto,
Eleanor Stow,
Pyle and Nichols, malt house and wharf,
Richard Dutton,
James Withey,
Captain McKeever, on lot.

September 1, 1763 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #31513
September 1, 1763
The Pennsylvania Gazette

WHEREAS a Number of Orders, drawn some Months ago by the Board
of Commissioners, in Payment for Apprentices and Servants
inlisted into the late Kingand his present Majesty
Service, have not yet been applied for by the Persons to whom
they respectively belong, viz. John Adams, Alexander Anderson,
Michael Atkinson, John Boyers, Jacob Bennet, William Blythe,
John Beaty, Levy Budd, John Bear, John Brickabecker, Benjamin
Craft, Abraham Cagge, Jacob Cookard, Samuel Chesewell, Adam
Conrad, Daniel Calvert, Robert Criswell, Jacob Dowdle, Anthony
Dennis, Jacob Easterman, John Elliot, Joseph Field, Philip
Foreman, Andrew << Gamble>> , Joseph Hudson, Joshua Hoops, Thomas
Herbert, Thomas Kinton, Valantine Kinsman, Robert Lloyd,
Anthony Levering, Samuel McCall, Alexander Moore, William
McDaniel, William McConnolly, John Palmer, John Ross, Robert
Robson, John Shultz, John Seaman, Stephen Shewell, George
Shriver, John Shall, Frederick Seggar, James Walker, Hugh
Thompson, John Timanus, Joseph Brown, Dennis Connolly, Daniel
Darby, Jonathan Durrell, Michael Hosserstickell, William
McDowell, Gideon Miller, Andrew Navinger, George Palmer,
Andrew Sim, George Wellers, and Joseph Williams. These are to
inform the said persons, that unless they call upon the
Subscriber in a few Weeks for the Orders lying as aforesaid
with the Board of Commissioners, the Time limited by Law for
Payment thereof well elapse, and the Proprietors be precluded
from any Compensation for their Losses. CHARLES MOORE, Clerk.

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