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From: "Karl Dagg" <>
Subject: Re: [GAMEL-L] Re: [Gambill Minutes from Big Blaine United Baptist Church KY 1819)
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 22:50:17 -0500

Big Blaine United Baptist Church
(United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ)

Copied by Lucy G. White
Notes Pg 8 and Pg 9
The first record book, in possession of Mrs. Emma Sparks, Martha Ky., is
very fragile and much of the script in the first pages is not legible.
Some portions of the pages are torn away , the edges of others ragged,
however the date, 1819 stands out plainly, and the second page is dated
March 1819. Not until the first Saturday in June 1826 were the minutes
signed by a clerk. James Boggs was clerk at this time.

Members entered on record in 1831:
Mathias Kelley, Aney Kebley, John O. Boggs, Nancy (Wells) Boggs, James
Boggs, Milley Large, Polley Large, Enos Derefield, Jemime Derifield, Sarah
Cooksey, Anna Carter—Pegram,, William Jayn, Darkis Jayn, Henry Jayn, Joseph
_____, John ______.
(The other names were too dim to read.)

October the 1st Saturday 1821.
A complaint against brother Peter Skaggs and brother Henry Bare. Both were

The first Saturday in December 1821.
Brother Peter Skaggs come to the church and gave satisfaction so that the
church gave him their hands.

1st Saturday of January 1822
Sister Nancy Skaggs was layd under sensor of church for not attending.

1st Saturday in October 1822
After divin sarvis (divine service) Sister Kitchen came and shoad a
grevence against Brother James Wheeler, and Brother Stephen Wheeler and
Brother Boggs are appointed to sight him to our next church meeting in

1st Saturday in June 1823
Betsy Sparks was sent for to give in her non atendence to the church
meetings. She refused to come but want to be excluded.
1st Saturday in July 1823
The case of Betsy Sparks continued and she is ordered to be

July 4th day 1824. (First part illegible)
Concerns Mud lick Church sending a potition to Big Blaine Church to send
help on the 4th Saturday of this month. Stephen Wheeler, James Wheeler,
Mathias Kekky, Peter Skaggs, John O. Boggs and James Boggs were appointed
to attend Mud Lick Church on this date.

April the 3rd day of 1824
William Hole Brooks (Holbrook) name is mentioned.

On the 2nd Saturday in May 1824 Henry Gambrel give in his expeeience and
was reseved by the church. On the next Sunday he was baptised in the year
of 1824. (His wife is Mary Elizabeth Holbrook Gambrel/Gambill
July the 1st Saturday 1824 Fanny Boggs, Solomon Skaggs, Abby Deen Randle M.
HoleBrooks, haner Hole Brooks and Mary Hole Brooks give in their
experience. So the next day Miles tary and his wife were granted
recantation and all restored.

August the 1st Saturday 1825
Brother James Skaggs has transgressed and come and maid a recantation..
the church is to Site Brother Christian Skaggs and James Sparks to our
meeting, So Brother John Boggs and Brother James Boggs are appointed to
sidte James Blevins.

1st Saturday in September 1825
Brother James Sparks maid recantation and was received then come James
Blevins and maid his recantation and was received.

1st Saturday in ____ 1826
Brother Hole Brook and Brother Mathias Kelly are appointed to sight brother
Soloman Skaggs and brother Christian Skaggs to our next meeting.

1st. Saturday in May 1826
Lewis Lyon was reserved by Baptism. All saw Sary Holbrook by Baptism.

1st. Saturday in June Rebecak Nethercutt was received by Baptism
Clerk James Boggs

1st Saturday in July 1826 Sister Sealee Sperlock reseved by letter then
Sister Clearsy Skaggs was received by experience all so Sister____?__ Kelly
and sister Jeane Willhite.
Brother James Sparks made Satisfaction.

Big Blaine church members October 1860;
Mail members ;Feemail members;
John Johnson Sarey Wellman
William LesterNancy Wellman
Waren B. EvinsMarey Wellman
Moses SkaggsSarey Wellman
David GobbsElizabeth Waltr
Hugh BoggsAnn Briant
Christian BoggsSarey Kesee deset Aug 1866
Riely RuddSarey Lyon
David Garet SparksSenia Riggs deceast 1862
D. R. Holbrook by letterElizabeth Skaggs
Peter Skaggs by recantation Patsy Skaggs deceast
Peter Skaggs Jr.Marey Osburn
David Coler deaseast November 1861
Gemima Boggs Gambill
Henry Moxley deseased Apr. 1862Arenigha Gambill
Thomas Reede Rebecca Holbrook
William Macdaniels dismist by letterMarey Holbrook
James YougePatsy Pelphrey
James CordillNancy Terey
Thomas CordillHanr Prince
Joshway ClevingerElizabeth Sparkes
Patey Colier
Delpha GambillNancy Colier
Agy BaileyNancy Johnson
Marey McdanielClerey Skaggs dismissed
Marey RuddSinah Lyon
Marhta Johnson Rutha Lester
and Marta

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