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Subject: Re: [GAMEL-L] Re: [Gambill Rev. War letter #5 William Gamble b. in Dublin, Ireland 1758 lived in NJ and later in Washington DC
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 23:05:55 -0500

I have another great letter written by this man William Gamble, that showed
he was a man of words. I really enjoy these letters. I hope I'm not
wasting my time or yours by sending all this accumulated Gamble info and
only hope someone shares everything they have with me. Eleanor

On this the thirty first day of July 1832 personally appeared before the
chief justice in the District of Columbia in the County of Washington.
Major William Gamble who is seventy four years old.
That in the year 1776 he was approached William S--? L---? governor or
General of the state of New Jersey Brigadier Major Adjutant to act under
Brigadier General Philann Dickson. That the said
General at the same time issued the despondent an order for detailed
for immediate service at Perth Antry. That the order now put in execution
with out delay and the company's marched to their place of destination that
the desponth accompanied General Dickerson to Perth Antry and joined
General Mercer and Rober drew Ma King ? their Headquarters in the
government House. Then sometime after this Mr Franklin sent his other
commissioner arrived at Antry and from Philadelphia to meet Lord Hous and
other commissioner on the part of Great Britain who agreed to meet on
Staten Island in --- house near the point. That the desponth was directed
to take full sentries uniformed company and one of the large battalions
with a flay of truce and escort the Commissioners to the point of the
Island which duty the performed. That upon the breaking up of that meeting
of commissioners who did not agree upon certain points the desonpth
accompanied back to Anboy That the desponth agreed in the affair near
Princeton that he was attached to the reserves of the troops who marched
from Trenton and was charged by General St.Clair with keeping the in
campment well lighted while the main body of troops left there for
Princeton. That General Mercer was killed in battle at the coller place
and that after this engagement the troops filed off to Morris county where
they quarter or hutted for the winter. That General Putman was let in
command at Priceton and issued an order about the last of January 1777
requiring a certain portion of the Militia of Burlington County to be
marched to Princeton to escort the Quakers and non combatants to
Headquarters, the orders of the general being understood to make those
person do duty as a fatigue party as they refused to bear arms. The duty
of supervisory fell upon him and they were employed to cut wood for the
troops during the winter. Sometime in March of this year 1777 the Queen
........commanded by Col. Simore made a forced march up the Partan to
destroy a flotilla of Balleaux but was attacked on his return to Staten
Island had his house killed and himself wounded. That while the militia was
rushing upon his the bayonet the desponth saved his life and sent him
and his surgeon in an baggage wagon to Bordertown on patrol as Prisoner of
war. that the employment of desponth was constant and he was at all times
subject to the orders of Gov. that he ws shot in the chest June 1778 when
he was protecting a bridge. through the commander Gen. Plilanon Dickson.
#1 Where and what year were you born? In Dublin in Ireland in the year

#2Have you any record of your age? No.

#3 Where were you living when called into service : where have you lived
since the Revolutionary War : and Where do you live now?
I lived in Burlington in New Jersey when called into service . Since the
revolutionary War lived in the State of New York and for the last 20 years
in the District Columbia were I now live.

#4 How were you called into service did you volunteer or where you a
substitute and for whom.
By appointment of Governor Livingston as a New Jersey as a Brigade Major
and adjutant of Gen. Dickersons brigade of Jersey Militia.

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