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From: Dick Landis< >
Subject: [GAMEL-L] A Birdseye scenario of several Gamble Families
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 09:22:29 -0500 (EST)

Hi to all list members -
As promised, I've been paying attention to a lot of small details about the
various Gambell families who came first to Pennsylvania and then settled in
Virginia, Tennessee and elsewhere. I like to develop a large picture
scenario and then see if the details fit. So, let me share you my large
picture and ask you to respond and point out where I am wrong. Keep in mind
that not much can be proven at this point, but I do believe this is where
wer will end up once all the facts are gathered.

Several closely related Gamble and Glass families came to America from
Ireland about 1735 and may even have arrived on the same boat. Among these
families are:
......1. Robert Gamble who settled in Augusta County, VA.
......2. His sister, Mary Gamble, wife of Samuel Glass, who settled at
Opequon in Frederick County, VA.
......3. John Gamble, possibly a brother of Robert and Mary, but almost
certainly a cousin, who settled in Lancaster County, PA. and whose sons,
Josias and Moses eventually settled in Blount Co., TN. Another son, David,
settled in Augusta County, VA. It is possible a fourth son, George, also
settled in Washington County, VA and Knox County, TN.
......4. Joshua Glass, a brother of the above Samuel Glass, settled in
Bucks County, PA.

Now to the details:

I. There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Gamble of Augusta County, VA
and Mary Gamble, wife of Samuel Glass, are brother and sister. William
Henry Foote, in his book, "Sketches of Virginia Historical and Biographical"
says ". . . Mary Gamble Glass, the wife of Samuel Glass, and sister of the
Gambles that settled in Augusta County . . ." Foote does not mention Robert
by name. However, Harry Rapp recently sent me copies of notes found in a
diary and including a letter to the editor of a local newspaper written by
fifth generation Robert Gamble in 1883 while he was visiting in Frederick
County and saw the Glass Monument at Opequon Presbyterian Church graveyard.
He writes, "This limestone pyramid in Opeekin [sic] church yard tells you it
was reared to the memory of Samuel Glass and Mary Gamble, his wife, from Ban
Bridge, county Down, Ireland, and were among the early settlers, taking
abode in Opeekin [sic] in 1736. His wife spoke of her 2 fair brothers who
perished in the siege of Londonderry. [Robert Gamble also spoke of these
two brothers.] [Note to Harry Rapp from me: You say this is in error
because you are thinking of Robert's daughter Mary who married Sam Glass.
They are different people and a different generation. The quotation is
accurate.] The writer goes on to say, "It will interest you to know Mary
Gamble's brother settled at the place referred to - a mile east of the
village of Springhill, in Augusta - was the father of Col. Robert Gamble of
the Revolution, an extensive merchant of Staunton."

II. A John Gamble was granted 150 acres in Lancaster County, PA on June 20,
1747 and "his family settled in Augusta County, Va. prior to 1755." This is
reported by Charles E. Kemper in an article, "Early Settlers in the Valley
of Virginia." Whether or not this is the John Gamble who fathered Josias
[b.1747], Moses [b.1750-65] and David in either Lancaster County or Chester
County PA is not known but seems likely. Josias and Moses eventually
settled in Blount County TN with stops in various southwestern VA places in
between. David settled in Augusta County, VA.

I think the recent letter on Revolutionary War soldier George Gamble is the
clue to bring these two families together. According to the description of
George Gamble's war experience, he was born in 1755 in Lancaster PA thus
making him possibly a fourth son of John Gamble or a son of another unknown
Gamble family in Lancaster County. He seems to have moved to Washington
County VA and and served in the Cherokee Campaign. This seems to be the
same campaign Col. Robert Gamble participated in. Question: Did this George
Gamble follow his brothers, or possible first cousins, to Washington County?
Did he know Robert Gamble. Was Robert Gamble related to him? This George
Gamble seems to have lived a long time and died in Washington County. Has
anyone done any research on him?

I like to think these families all came to America at the same time and on
the same boat. Some day we will know. Let me hear from you as to your
reaction to the above scenario.

Dick Landis

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