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From: "Vickie (Elam) White" <>
Subject: Re: Barbara Lucy
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 13:12:03 EDT

Cory Panshin wrote --

>I have found the following three statements in various places on the
> 1) Lieut. Thomas Tracy (1610-85) of Norwich, CT was the grandson of
> Sir Richard Tracy and Lady Barbara Lucy.
> 2) Sir Richard and Lady Barbara were married in 1560, and he died
> in 1569.
> 3) Lady's Barbara's grandfather was Sir Thomas Lucy (1532-1600)
> whose deer supposedly were poached by Shakespeare.
>Now, #2 and #3 obviously cannot both be true. So what is going on here?
>Is the whole pedigree spurious, or is it just a simple problem, like a
>few too many generations of Lucy's being squeezed in?

It can not be proven that Lt. Thomas TRACY has noble ancestors. In fact,
since he was never called "Mr." in colonial records, it is likely that he
was of the middle-class or that any noble ancestry is much farther back
than the 1500s.

Below is a copy of a message sent to me in August 1996 by David Greene,
editor of The American Genealogist (TAG) and a subscriber to this list. My
husband is a descendant of Stephen TRACY, and I had corresponded with Mr.
Greene about a possible connection between Stephen and Lt. Thomas (there
is none).

David Greene wrote:

"Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Conn., was not a son of William and Mary
(Conway) Tracy. Thomas Tracy's ancestry is unknown, and it is highly
unlikely that he was closely connected with the ancient family of Tracy
of Toddington, co. Gloucester, since he was never given the gentle title
of "Mr." in Conn. records., and people did not lose their gentle status
in the 17th century because they became Puritans or were immigrants to
the New World! Most of the royal claims for him were disproven by Jacobus
in an appendix to vol. 1 of The Waterman Family (1939). Jacobus did not
present disproof of the claim that Lt. Thomas was a son of William Tracy
and Mary (Conway) but questioned it severely as based only on the
"laudable desire" to claim prominent ancestry. John G. Hunt completely
disproved the claim in an article in TAG in the 1960s (I don't have the
citation here) called "Thomas Tracy in England"; Hunt showed that, while
William and Mary Tracy did have a son named Thomas, that Thomas died in
England and could not have been the man found in Conn.

I summarize the various disproven claims for Thomas Tracy's origin in an
article to appear in the Sept. Hear-Saye, the newsletter of the Saybrook
Colony Founders Association. Jacobus presents circumstantial reasons for
believing that Lt. Thomas was related to Stephen Tracy of Plymouth, whose
origin in co. Norwich is known. Hunt reinforces this hypothesis, and this
is the area where Lt. Thomas Tracy's origin should be sought, doubtless
in a middle-class family that looked in awe & wonder (and from a great
distance!) at royalty, nobility, and gentry."

Hope this helps.

Vickie (Elam) White

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