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From: "Ronald L. Bowen" <>
Subject: [McGee] Re: Samuel and Martha Stafford McGee KY & MO
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 23:36:47 -0400
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Hi Tom,

You can't confuse this any more than it is. I'm am very interested in your
info as I didn't know that Stafford McGee was Walter Stafford McGee. I have
found a Stafford McGee in the St. Louis census but have to look at records
to determine which year. In fact, I believe I found two Staffords, like
father and son, or father and nephew, both in the grocery business.

I know my Thomas Stith McGee is the grandson of Samuel and Martha as he has
two sons, one named John Stafford McGee and William Thomas McGee. The
middle name Stith would come from his aunt, Anne Gaines McGee who married
Thomas Stith in Kentucky and later moved to MO. I was wrong on my first
posting about Samuel's death date. It should have been 1817- 1818 in
Grayson County, Kentucky, I believe. Then his wife and several members of
the family moved to MO, some had already moved to Ill., some stayed in
Kentucky. I have what I think is reliable from Samuel and Martha on down
but as you showed me with the name Walter, I don't have the full names of
all, which would help me immensely. I don't know if Walter Stafford McGee
is my Thomas Stith McGee's father but I have been trying to find out.
Thomas was born in MO in 1821. I thought Stafford, son of Sam, was born in
1796. Is that what you have?

Can you accept a GEDCOM? I have my info in Family Tree Maker. Peg Bastin
is also a direct descendant of Sam. The children I have for Samuel are
John, Hannah, James, Susannah Rhoda, Ann Gaines, Louisa (maybe), William,
Stafford, Rebecca and Martha. I have not confirmed these myself though,
Samuel was an early settler in Kentucky but there was another Samuel in
Kentucky at the same time. I find it isn't prudent to trust the spellings
of McGee in any record, McGehee, McGhee or McGee unless actually signed by
the owner of the name. There are a lot of people that think their name was
McGehee, myself included, until I found out that the record taker probably
just didn't know of other spellings.

Yes, yes, very willing to share. Just tell me how.

Marsha McGee Bowen

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> Let me perhaps confuse the matter further. I am related through Walter
> Stafford McGee one of the children of Samuel McGee and Martha Stafford (do
> you have info. on their place of birth. W. Stafford McGee was married
> several times starting in St. Louis and drifting across to the western
> of Missouri.
> Family information I was given said that Samuel McGee was a descendant of
> Thomas McGee and Anne Stewart of Colrain, MA. I was able to verify that
> Thomas McGee and Anne Stewart existed and were married. But I have never
> been able to confirm a specific link between Thomas McGee and Samuel
> Based on the time frames I'm guessing that Samuel was a grandson ... but
> again that is purely a guess. Would be interested in any information you
> have. And of course will share what I have. Thanks
> Tom Glenn

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