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From: "" <>
Subject: PAYNE, John Carroll abt 1790
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 15:56:04 -0400

I must apologize for not being more specific earlier about John Carroll
Payne. Also, I've encountered a major problem in sending my FTM file via
email as an attachment. I've tried sending it several different ways and
the folks are receiving it all jumbled up. I'm at a loss as to how to fix
it in a workable format. I have tons of Payne information for you folks
and want to get it to all the people who requested it but I lack the
skills to figure it out. I'll continue working on it today and if I can
get it working I'll email it to those who wanted to see the decendants of
John Carroll Payne that fall in our family line. The info I have on him
John Carroll Payne, b. abt 1790; d. 8/1865 married Jane Walls, b. abt.
1785; d. 1863 (born in Franklin Co. or Rabun Co., GA?) (died in Loudon
County, TN?)
1.Benjamin Franklin Payne, b. 9/1831; d. 10/22/1908 m Jane Bryson
Children: Dick Payne; Betty (Elizabeth?) Payne
no other info available on B.F.P.
2. Polly (Mary?) Pop Payne ca 1814 married Isaac Tate?
3.Charlotta Payne ca 1815 married Sim Newman
4.John Payne ca 1817 married Mary Hammontree
5.George W. (Washington?) Payne, Sr. 3/14/1819 married Nancy Hooper
6.Malissa Payne ca 1823 married Jacob Doyle ?
7.Susan A. Payne ca 1823 married Goldman Bryson
8. Nancy Payne ca 1824
9.Preston Payne (twin to B.F.P. ca 1825
10.Wm. (A.T.W.) Payne, 1/11/1828(30)? married Elizabeth Houston
11. Julia Payne (no info) married John Douglas

What little information I have on John Carroll is that his father may
have been a John Payne, Sr. (1754-1831) who was a son of a Thomas Payne,
b. 1721, Middlesex County, VA; d. after 1811 in SC or GA, who was a son
of Thomas Payne, b. aft 1660 (Old Rappahannok Co., VA); d. 1698, who was
a son of Ralph Payne (Old Rappahannok Co., VA bef 1650. It's all
confusing to me and it will take me some time to get it straightend out.
Thank you all for your patience.
Also, if anyone knows where I can get a copy of "THE PAYNES OF VA", by
Brooke Payne, I sure would appreciate it. I don't know if it's still in
print or not.

B. Farner

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