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Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 16:40:04 -0600

Lotsa good stuff in these "Pearls". Enjoy.


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Jefferson Democrat
Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri


OBITUARY - BAKER -- At his residence on Belews Creek, Oct. 26, 1880,
Orson BAKER, aged 51 years.
Mr. BAKER was a native of Jefferson county, a son of Milton BAKER,
had been for many years a consistent Christian, and was at the time of
his death a deacon of the Baptist church. He was a truly good man in
every respect, and in his death the county has lost one of her very best
citizens. He leaves a wife and four children, who while they can but
mourn their loss, must acknowledge that it has been his gain, for
consolation should look to Him who gave and has taken away, and may they
in all things be entitled to say, "Blessed is the name of the Lord."

GAMACHE -- Near Pevely, Oct 28, 1880, after an illness of six weeks,
Edward B. , eldest son of Oscar and Mary F. GAMACHE, aged 3 years, seven
months and twenty-six days.
Just before he died he asked different members of the family whether
they were sorry Eddie was so sick. On being told they were, he said.
"Everybody is sorry -- I am not sorry, I am not sorry." yes, dear
little Eddie, we are all sorry,but no more sorrow or suffering for you.
Aunt Lottie.

IN MEMORIAM - CHARLES JAMES and GRACIE MAY, children of A.J. and Luella
M. PHILLIPS, Charlie was born Aug 5, 1876, died October 12, 1880.
Gracie was born March 19, 1879, died October 16, 1880.

PHILLIPS -- On the 16th day of October, 1880, Grace May PHILLIPS,
daughter of A.J. and Louella M. PHILLIPS.
Little Gracie was born March 19, 1879. She has gone to join her
little brother Charlie, whose obituary stands next above, and who just
before he died, said "look papa, look," pointing around as if seeing a
vision in which he thought he recognized his little sister, "there's
Gracie May." Gracie died after 4 days' illness, or congestion of the
lungs. We deeply sympathize with the bereaved parents, in the loss of
both of their dear children. They have none left to cheer their home.
We knew them and loved them. But who loves like a father or mother?
May they go to Him whose mission is to bind up the broken heart and heal
the wounded spirit. C.E.W. SMITH

IN MEMORY of our friend Eugene BUTTS, who died Oct 21st, 1880 at the
residence of Joseph -ICARNGIE, near Victoria, aged 32 years and 7 months.


Carrie HAESSEL, little daughter of Adam HAESSEL, got one of her arms
broken one day last week, but Dr. AUERSWALD fixed it up for her and she
is getting along all right.

There was no county court this week, Judge McCORMACK is in bed, sick,
and Judge BYRNE's mother was buried on Monday, which prevented his
attendance. Judge FLETCHER, after remaining alone two days, adjourned
court over till next Monday.

Mrs. BYRNE, widow of P.P. BYRNE, and mother of Judge M.F. BYRNE of our
county court, was buried last Monday. She was a lady of many good
qualities of head and heart, and will be badly missed in the
neighborhood in which she lived, as she always took an active part in
every undertaking for the benefit of church or community. Several from
Hillsboro were at the funeral, and they inform us that it was the
largest funeral procession ever seen in the county.

MARRIED - HUSKEY -- CHANCE -- At the residence of the bride's parents,
in Big River township, Oct. 31, 1880, by Wm. BRYAN, J.P., Mr. James
HUSKEY to Miss Anne F. CHANCE.

FERGUSON -- DALTON -- Oct. 24th, 1840, by Rev. J.P. CAPE, Mr. James D.

JOHNSTON -- CARVER -- At the residence of T.C. CARVER, father of the
bride, No. 9th, 1880, by Rev. S. FRAZIER, Mr. Charles JOHNSTON to Miss
Catherine I. CARVER, all of Jefferson county, Mo.
There was a large crowd of invited friends present, who enjoyed a
sumptuous dinner, but had a rainy ride home.

SHERMAN -- LYNCH -- Nov. 4th, 1880, by Esq. B.S. REPPY, Mr. William
SHERMAN to Miss Mary E. LYNCH, both of Plattin township.

Died October, 1880.

GREASON -- At his residence in .p.Ironton, Iron county, Mo;., Sunday
morning, Nov. 11th, 1880, James A. GREASON, aged 48 years.
Col. GREASON, as he was familiarly known, was one of the prominent
and well known citizens of Iron county; respected and loved by all who
knew him. He was a native of .p.Pennsylvania;, and was admitted to the
bar at .p.Harrisburg;, at the early age of 20, though he never engaged
actively in the practice of the law. When the war broke out he entered
the volunteer service of the United States as a colonel, and honorably
distinguished himself. He ---- and satisfaction. He was afterwards in
the banking business for several years. His disease was consumption,
but he kept going until four days before his death.


Jacob VALET, of near Maxville, had his dwelling house destroyed by fire
one night last week. About midnight the family was awakened by the
fire, and succeeded in saving themselves, but all they had was destroyed.

Silas NULL, an inmate of the county farm, stopped an express train at
Victoria last Saturday, but he got the worst of the collision. Silas
has fits, and we presume he was not in his right mind at the time, as he
persisted in standing on the track, in spite of the whistling of the
engine, until it struck him and knocked him off. He received several
cuts and bruises, but not of a dangerous character. Dr. VOLKER dressed
his wounds.

KIMMSWICK ITEMS - Kimmswick, Mo., Nov. 16, 1880 - C.A. NEWCOMB returned
from Minnesota on the 10th inst., to arrange some business matters, and
returned to Minnesota to spend the winter, where he is engaged in
erecting a mill.


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