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Subject: [TEDDER] Re: TEDDER-D Digest V01 #5
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 19:35:56 EDT

Concur with with Benjamin Tudor Jr being Benjamin Tedder. See my genealogy
search which I believe proves this fact:
John Tedder was born somewhere between 1680 (Ancestry.com) and 1695
(FamilyTreeMaker.com). He married a Mary Seat who was born around 1690 in
Virginia. They had two sons, Benjamin born around 1718 and John born around
1720. John Tedder is also called John Tudor, John Tuder, and John Tudor SR
on several web sites. Ancestry.com lists John Tedder's parents as being
Richard and Mary Tudor (unproven), married on 1 Nov 1678 in England. Mary
Seat's parents are listed as Mable and Joseph Seat.
Documentation: John Tedder: See Library of Virginia files (Deeds/wills, 1715
to 1730, p 332; part of index to Surrey County wills and administration).
John Tedder's inventory of his estate and perhaps his will was read in 1721
in Surrey County, VA. Administrators were Henry Rose, who married John
Tedder's widow and his new wife, Mary. John Tedder for some reason named his
children Tudor. John Tudor JR and Benjamin Tudor: Detailed documentation on
John and Benjamin Tudor are listed in FamilyTreeMaker.com under the Ancestors
of Aaron Mark McLeod. This documentation includes land deeds to his stepsons
by Henry Rose, John and Benjamin's stepfather, and documentation from an
estate sale. Further documentation for John Tedder and his family are listed
under FamilyTreeMaker Cravats Genealogy for Tudor, Hanks, Turned, Smith, and
Cravats, and under FamilyTreeMaker Descendants of John Tudor.

Benjamin Tudor married a lady named Mary (last name unknown). Benjamin and
Mary are listed as witnesses to the Will of Runnold Brightwell in Granville
County, NC, in 1771. Again see the above reference to Ancestors of Aaron
Mark McLeod.
Children: Benjamin Tudor Jr/Benjamin Tedder, believed to be born around
1736. Rebecca Tudor, born about 1759. James Tudor, born around 1760. Sarah
Tudor, born around 1754.
Documentation: Benjamin Tudor, Jr/Tedder. Proof that Benjamin Tudor JR is
the person later called Benjamin Tedder is by weight of evidence. First,
Benjamin Tudor's three children born in 1759 and later were obviously from a
second marriage when he was over forty years old. Benjamin appears to have
gotten married around 1758 and had children each of the next two years.
However, Benjamin obviously had an earlier marriage. First, it would not
seem likely that his stepfather would deed 200 acres of land to Benjamin on
31 January 1748 if he was single. Benjamin Tudor JR is listed on genealogy
sites; also, at the estate sale of his grandmother, both father and son
attended. Benjamin Tudor is documented on sale records as Benjamin Tudor Sr.
Benjamin Tudor JR is beyond any shadow of a doubt who we now call Benjamin
Tedder. First, the Benjamin name was carried from father to son. I can find
no other first name of Benjamin in any of the Virginia Tedders or Tudors.
Second the name Tudor was carried forward. Benjamin Tedder is listed as
Benjamin Tudor on most web sites--even his son Harmon is listed as Tudor (See
Earnest Tedder's book). Third, the generation time line is evidence; that
is, Benjamin Tudor JR was born between 18 and 22 years after his father.
Fourth, the two other Tedder's living in Virginia kept the Tedder name and
did not go to Tutor. There were no other Tutors in NC in the early 1700 in
what was to become Granville County that I can find. Although there was a
Henry Tudor who was witness to two wills in Bertie County in 1732 and 1736.
Beyond any shadow of a doubt Benjamin Tudor JR is Benjamin Tedder.

Benjamin Tudor JR/BenjaminTedder born about 1736. He married Sarah Harmon
before 1760 in North Carolina. Son Harmon was born 12 June, 1762, in
Granville County, NC. Son Solomon was born 5 March, 1768, in Wake County,
NC. Anna was born about 1770 in Wake County, NC. James W. Tedder was born
about 1773 in Wake County, NC. Son Harmon is firmly documented; the other
children are based on best evidence. Documentation: See FamilyTreeMaker.com
and Latter Day Saints web site

Harmon Tedder married Sarah Emaline Wilson about 1786 in Chatham County,
North Carolina. Daughter Number one, name unknown, was born about 1787 in
Granville County, North Carolina. Son number one, name unknown, born about
1789 in Granville County, North Carolina. Daughter number two, name unknown,
was born about 1791 in Granville County, NC. Zechariah Tedder was born 6
May, 1793, in Fishing Creek, Wilks County, NC. Daughter number three, name
unknown, was born about 1795 in Fishing Creek, Wilks County, NC. Benjamin
Tedder was born 21 November, 1797, in Hunting Creek, Wilkes County, NC
(Married Mahalea Eastridge(1802-1884) on 6 June 1821. William Hubbard Tedder
was born 12 October, 1799, at Fishing Creek, Wilks County, NC. John Tedder
was born 18 May 1801, in Hillsboro District, Chatham County, NC. Sarah
Tedder born 9 August, 1804, in Hillsboro District, Chatham County, NC.
Elijah Tedder born 4 February 1807, in Hillsboro District, Chatham County,
NC. Documentation: See above referenced sites.

Zechariah Tedder married Winney Eastridge (1800-1834, buried on Brushies),
daughter of Nathan Eastridge of Wilkes County, NC, on 7 February 1817, and
lived on Hunting Creek. Zechariah and Winney had 7 children, 2 sons and 5
daughters. One daughter was Rose Tedder born about 1823 who never married
but had son Elijah, son James B. Tedder born 1825 in Wilkes, North Carolina,
who married Martha "Patsy" Brooks 19 April, 1845, Sarah born about 11 June,
1827, and married James Warren Benton in 1843, and son Houston/Huston born
about 1830 who married Sarah Brooks. Houston and Sarah Brooks had sons Henry
Houston/Huston and James Tetter. Starting with Henry Houston they spelled
their name Tetter and descendants do so today. Houston/Huston served and
died in the civil war, entering the Confederate armed service the same date
as his brother James, 5 April 1862, as a private in the 52 Regiment, Company
F, and died at St Petersburg, Virginia, in September 1862. Documentation:
See above referenced sites.

James B. Tedder and his wife Martha "Patsy" Brooks lived in Mulberry
Township, Wilkes County, NC, in 1850 and 1860. Martha was the daughter of
John Brooks and Francis Benton Brooks of Hunting Creek. Martha Brooks Tedder
died in 1891. James and Martha had 4 children, 1 son and 3 daughters.
Children were Sarah born about 1845 with no known marriage. William Riley
born in 1847 and died about 1874. Frances born 1849, died in Mulberry
Community, buried at Center Church. Frances never married but had 2
children, Amanda born 1874 and William born in 1879. Susannah about 1856 and
died after 1904; she never married and also lived in the Mulberry Community.
James entered the Confederate Service on 5 April 1862, as a private in the 52
Regiment, Company F, and died of smallpox at the Orange County Courthouse in
January 1864. Documentation: Census data and marriage record.

William Riley Tedder was born almost certainly born in Mulberry Township,
Wilkes County. He married Celia Jane Elledge in 1869. They had 3 sons.
Children were James Abner born 1870 and died in West Virginia; James married
Hulda Jane Waddell on 23 December, 1890 and married Ezetta Ellis on 30
August, 1932. John Tedder born in 1872 and Alfred Franklin Tedder born in
1874. In the 1850 and 1860 Census William Riley lived in Mulberry Township,
Wilkes County. Documentation Census data.

Alfred Franklin Tedder was born in North Carolina, almost certainly in Wilkes
County, on 1 August, 1875, and died 15 September, 1928, in Lexington
Virginia. His wife, Virginia Ellen (Jennie) Pierce, was born at Mouth of
Wilson, Grason County, Virginia, on 20 June, 1880, and died in Lexington,
Virginia, on 5 January, 1954. Jennie Pierce's father was James Pierce and
her mother was Martha Sturgill Pierce. Alfred Tedder was in the harness and
shoe repair business. Documentation: Census data, family Bible, and
grandfather of Robert W. Tedder.

Children of Alfred Franklin Tedder and Jennie Pierce Tedder:

James Franklin was born 26 July, 1893, in North Wilksboro, NC, and died 30
August, 1970 in Lynchburg, VA.
William Riley was born 9 May, 1896, in North Wilksboro, NC, and died 1 April,
1982, at Catawa. VA.
John Jefferson was born August 14, 1897, in North Wilksboro, NC, and died 19
January, 1903.
Martha (Mattie) Jane was born 8 December, 1898, in North Wilksboro, NC, and
died 21 March, 1982 at Newcastle, VA.
Robert Lee was born 10 April, 1903, in Engleside, WVA, and died 17 May, 1957,
in Lexington, VA.
Walter was born 6 August, 1905, in Athens, West Virginia, and died 14
January, 1957, in Charlottesville, VA.
Richard was born 31 July, 1907, and died 26 December, 1910.
Cora Mae was born 5 January, 1910, in Athens, WVA, and died 29 January, 1962
in Lexington, VA.
Beula Lee was 10 April, 1912, in Newcastle, VA, and died 6 September, 1992,
in Buchanan, VA
George Andrew was born 23 March, 1915, and died 26 January, 1917.
Mary Retta was born 21 June, 1916, and died11 March, 1985, at New Castle, VA.
Mable Viola was born 23 December 1918, in Lexington, VA, and died 28
September 1987, in Lexington, VA. Documentation: Family Bible.

Next Generation:

James F. Tedder married Janie Catherine Thomason on 27 May, 1919. Children

William Riley Tedder married Selah Agnes Smith on 15 January, 1931. No

Martha Jane married James Monroe Greenway on 12 September 1915.

Robert Lee Tedder married Gertie Mansey, 11 November, 1923, and Lucy Mae
Smith on 4 November, 1931. Lucy Mae Smith was the daughter of James Robert
Smith, born June, 1872, and died 21 March, 1917, and Huldah Frances
Entsminger Smith, born April, 1881, and died 23 March, 1935. James and
Huldah had the following children: Samuel Lee Smith born 17 June 1897,
Virginia Mae Smith born in March 1900, Minnie Catherine Smith, born 2 March,
1903, died 28 February, 1908, Mary Elizabeth Smith born 21 June 1906, Betty
Ruth Smith, born 11 June 1909 and died 31 August, 1983, Twins, boy and a
girl, died in 1912, Lucy Mae Smith, born 11 February, 1914 and died 18 Jan,
1984, Evelyn Nelson Smith, born 17 January, 1917, died 13 August, 1992.
After the death of James, Huldah married Shannon Hostetter and had the
following children: Earnest Franklin Hostetter born 18 January, 1920 and died
31 December, 1992, and Mary Stella Hostetter, born 19 May 1921 and died 12
August, 1992. James Robert Smith was the son of Samuel Smith, who was born
in 1838, and wife Margaret who was born in 1840. Samuel and Margaret had the
following children: Eliza J. born in 1876; Charles A. born in 1868; and
William H. born in 1870 and James R. born in 1873. Family history and family

Children of Robert Lee and Lucy Mae Tedder.

Robert Woodrow born 19 May, 1933, in Lexington, VA.
Marjorie Louise was born 10 June, 1934, in Lexington, VA.
Kathleen Lillian was born 21 October, 1936, in Lexington, VA.

Walter Tedder married Lucy Buford. Children:
George James
Gertrude Willard

Corie Tedder married James Edward Staton on 14 January, 1930.

Buela Lee married Samuel Thomas Entsminger on 23 September 1939.

Mary Retta married Cecil Witt Smith on 2 January 1932.

Mable Viola Tedder married William Walter Riley (born 18 January, 1914) on 14
November, 1932.

Second Generation:

Robert W. Tedder married June (NMN) Hailey at Letchworth, Herts., England on
26 June 1954.
Melody June born at Wimpole Park, Herts, England on 29 July 1956.
Robert Lee born at Great Yarmouth, England, on 30 July 1957.
Tracy Lynn born at Fitzimmons Army Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, on 30 March,
Dawn Marie and Kelly Jean born at Landstuhl Army Hospital, Germany, 14
September, 1965.

Robert W. Tedder married Catherine Clare Castles at Lakeland , Florida, on 17
December, 1977.
Susan Renee born on 21 March, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia.
David Lee born on 14 November 1978 at Ireland Army Hospital, Fort Knox,

Marjorie Louise married Charles Walter Thomas on 7 November, 1955 in
Frederick, Maryland
One child: Kimberly June born 12 January, 1964.

Kathleen Lillian married Clyde Floyd on 15 January, 1955.
Loretta Linne born 24 November, 1955.
Judith Harrision born 27 August, 1957.
Sheila Gaye born 10 December, 1959.
John Drew born 11 December, 1960.
Russell Wayne 14 January, 1963.
Stephanie Kay born 8 January, 1964.

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